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Hammer has been providing Santa Monica with exceptional heating services for over 85 years. We will get it right the first time.

As you well know, Santa Monica residents enjoy great weather. Even in the winter time, the weather is much better than most parts of the nation. However, as Santa Monica residents know it can still get cold, and you need to make sure your heating system is in proper working condition.

Too often, residents of Santa Monica will wait until one of those cold nights along the west coast to turn on the heater. It is then that they find that their heater is not working. Of course, this leads to calling for emergency heating services, and this is never cheap. To add to the problem, the number of people who wait until the first cold evening to discover their heater problem generates too much demand for emergency heater repair Santa Monica services. This creates delays because there are a limited number of service technicians in the area.

One way to approach the issue with your heating system is to turn it on before it gets cold. Of course, this only helps in a limited way. You will know that it is working but not how well it is working or how long it will last. Better yet, the best way to approach the problem is to call us, so we can perform a complete maintenance check.

We will send one of our professional technicians to your home and run a series of basic service checks on your system. All of the main parts of your heating system will be checked, and adjustments and various service will be done depending upon the make and model of your particular heating system

Our heating Santa Monica maintenance check will include inspecting the coils and heat exchangers. We will also check the blower motor and perform any necessary lubrication of moving parts. All moving parts will be inspected to make sure nothing is loose. If your system has any belts, they will be checked for tightness and wear. Your thermostat will also be check for performance. A properly working thermostat is essential to an efficient heating system.

Our heater Santa Monica services also extend to new heating systems. http://plumbersantamonica.com/heater-repair/If your system is not working and it is an older model, it may be best to replace it with a newer, more efficient, model. Our technicians are qualified, skilled and experienced with heater installation, and they will install your new system properly.

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