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Santa Monica is one of the great coastal towns of California, but the first time you have an emergency with your plumbing, your life can become a nightmare. There are two things to consider when you need emergency plumbing services. The first is to have our phone number handy. Our emergency plumbing Santa Monica services are ready to help all day and night, seven days a week. The second part is what you can do to prevent the plumbing issue from creating a bigger problem than it already is.

If the problem is due to a leaking or busted water pipe, you will probably need to shut off the water at the main valve that controls all the water to your house. This should be done first before calling us. Although we will get there as quickly as possible, you need to shut off your water to prevent a large amount of water damage. If the problem is with a specific area of the plumbing, you can use the shut off valve near the pipes. A good example is the shut off valves located under the kitchen sink.

For a backed up toilet, you can shut off the valve in back of the toilet. Keep in mind, a filled toilet tank will be able to flush once more even with the water shut off. If your toilet is backed up, this can create additional overflow. You need to be careful with a toilet that is clogged. Sometimes it is clogged because of an obstruction in the trap of the toilet, but at other times, it can be the main line.

The main line will usually run from one of the toilets and out to the large sewer line underneath the street. What this means is that if the stoppage is coming from the main line, none of the drains will work. Regardless of which drain you use, it will back up out of the toilet. If this seems to be the case, do not use any of your drains. Do not run water in the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub or shower. Call us immediately, and an emergency plumber Santa Monica technician will be at your home quickly.

A 24 hour plumber Santa Monica service is more than answering a phone at all hours of the day. http://plumbersantamonica.com/plumbing-services/emergency-plumbing/We have trained professionals that can repair the problem in your home and prevent any further damage that may occur. Our plumbers are dispatched within minutes of your call to solve your problem.

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