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If you need a new sprinkler system Santa Monica homes are taking advantage of in this heat, then you need to trust the team at Hammer to take care of you. There are plenty of reasons to get sprinkler systems for your lawn and garden beyond simply keeping your grass and plants cool. In fact, lawn sprinklers Santa Monica can use to keep their yards lush are essential to the overall health of grass. The good news is that we provide the lawn sprinkler system Santa Monica residents love, and we’re offering it to you today.

Here at Hammer, we’ve been providing plumbing and irrigation solutions since 1926, serving from Venice Beach to Brentwood, ensuring that SaMo stays the beautiful vibrant city it’s been for its whole life. The lawn irrigation systems Santa Monica residents get from us are just an example of the many ways that we can continue to innovate and preserve the life of lawns from Wilshire to Michigan.

If you haven’t noticed, Santa Monica is ripe with beautiful examples of lush, green landscaping. Whether it’s the dinosaurs on the 3rd street promenade, to the palm tress by the Santa Monica pier, to the homes all up and down Lincoln, Pico, and on either side of the I-10. Given our spectacular climate, it’s easy to grow a wide variety of plants, and we’re even lucky to have some desert life that can survive in this area. But regardless, the majority of those plants and lawns desperately need water to remain looking the way that they do.

The good news is that we provide sprinkler installation Santa Monica residents trust. That starts with a commitment to the customer that we are simply unwavering on. When you give us a call, we’ll set up a free estimate, and then charge you based on the job—not our hours. So rather than racking up costly hourly rates, dragging our feet on a project, you pay us flat out for the job that we do, and we make sure we take care of it. It’s just another practical way that we are doing our best to put the customers’ interests ahead of our own.

What Goes Into Sprinkler Installation?

The primary part of sprinkler installation Santa Monica residents love so much from Hammer is that we take pride in our sprinkler system design as well. So rather than haphazardly placing those sprinkler heads and hoping that it’s spread in such a way that it waters everything, each item is carefully placed to optimize the yard’s beauty.

We pride ourselves in understanding the little details of your yard. Given that we’re from Santa Monica ourselves, we’ve grown up appreciating the incredible landscape before us. That gives us a keen insight into just how to handle each individual yard.

Furthermore, it’s important that when hoses and other items are installed, that it does not interfere with the other systems that may be buried in your backyard. From sewer lines to water mains, we make sure that none of your other plumbing systems get affected in the process—so that you don’t have to call us for any of our other services!

We’re sure that you’ll benefit from our sprinkler system installations, but what about the sprinkler repair Santa Monica residents count on us for? When your sprinklers do break down, it can seem somewhat pointless to deal with the problem immediately. Either you think that it’s spraying fine in certain directions, or your drip system is working enough to get by. It can actually be very damaging to your plants and grass.

The good news is that we’re on your side, and only want to give you the services you need. So we’re happy to set up a free estimate, and get you back on track in no time.

So whatever it is that you need for your sprinkler systems, there’s nobody better to call than Hammer. We’ve been proudly serving all over Santa Monica for nearly 90 years, and that makes us the definitive authority on your irrigation systems. So don’t wait: your grass will thank you for calling Hammer today!

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