The secrets plumbers don’t want you to know

Sep 04 , 2014
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For as many trustworthy Santa Monica plumbers that can help you, count on a few bad apples in the bunch. Like any industry, the legitimate, fair businesses have to compete not just with each other, but with the shady and suspiciously cheap companies as well. Additionally, you have the corporate giants that may be perfectly competent, but eagerly want to upsell you on services you don’t really need. Trying to identify the good from the bad can be a headache.

The good news is that every neighborhood has reliable help. Whether you live near Third Street Promenade or the swanky Viceroy Hotel, honest plumbers can easily be found if you know what questions to ask. To help you narrow down your choices, here’s some helpful insider info.

Corporate vs. small business: an expensive difference

For people who are unfamiliar with the plumbing industry (i.e., most of us), many plumbing companies more or less look the same. They advertise the same services, use similar marketing language, and all guarantee results. While they may not necessarily be lieing, it helps to read the fine print, so to speak. With a little research and plain old intuition, you can weed out the inexperienced companies. The real trick is analyzing bids.

Let’s say two similarly qualified companies quote you dramatically different prices for a copper repiping job. Maybe you have a knee-jerk reaction against big costs, or perhaps you’re inherently suspicious of a low bid. The question you should ask is why are these quotes so different?

Sometimes a large corporate plumbing company will charge significantly more because their plumbers work – at least partially – on commission. They’re essentially salesman who may fix your clogged toilet, but insist that you replace the flusher and ballcock as well. Meanwhile, a mid-size or family-run business has less overhead to account for, and can perform the same work for less. No hidden fees or unnecessary upsells.

Prevention is the best way to save money

The Santa Monica Pier remains a reliable destination for fun in Los Angeles, but not without routine check ups. The city knows that prevention is the best way to keep this 105-year-old attraction open. The same can be said for plumbing, especially if you live in an older house.

Corroded copper pipes – a common issue in older homes – should be inspected, and leak detection services are key to keeping aged water lines from bursting. If you think that your house might need a check up, call the best plumber Santa Monica has to offer. We’ll assess your plumbing’s health and longevity, and make sure your home is set up for long-term success.

If you neglect your plumbing, you could be facing steep fees. Plumbers’ time is at a premium; a last-minute emergency call may pull them away from other work. For the customer, this can mean a charge just for the call plus elevated hourly rates (which they probably won’t advertise). While a slight increase over normal fees is reasonable in a dire situation, be aware that certain technicians may over charge for that burst pipe.



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