Home inspection areas you absolutely must cover

Aug 23 , 2014
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Luckily, Los Angeles has rebounded. While some homeowners are still feeling the sting of the recession, many home values have improved since 2008, especially in desirable neighborhoods. Walk through just about any residential section of Santa Monica, and you’ll see more For Sale signs than you did 6 years ago. Whether you live north of Santa Monica Boulevard or down near Main Street, it’s clear that the market has re-activated. With so many people looking to buy again, it’s important to remember the value of a good home inspection. Otherwise you may overlook some big problems that can come back to bite you.

Here are some things that you or your inspector absolutely has to cover in your home inspection.

Water damage

Water damage is so dangerous because it can affect so many different areas of the home. We’re not just talking about a leaky pipe or faulty water heater installation. Extreme cases can involve problems with the foundation and even mold. Additionally, if the foundation is sloped and has allowed excess water and moisture to get in, it can cause damp crawlspaces, and result in rot in the walls. Make sure your inspector assesses all areas of potential water damage.


Santa Monica residences were built with generally reliable plumbing. Sure, pipes burst and sewer lines rupture occasionally, but for the most part, our homes are sturdy. However, you don’t want to kick yourself later when you realize you overlooked a proper plumbing inspection. How old are the house’s pipes? If they’re aged and made of corroded copper, you might consider a full copper repiping. If the inspector is dubious about an issue, call the best plumber Santa Monica has to offer. We’ll repair and update any problem to make sure your new home is ready for a quick move-in.


Roofs protect us from the elements, which is why they’re so critical. Asphalt shingles, tile, and slate are just a few of the types of roofing material, and all have varying degrees of effectiveness against weather and age. Over time, asphalt and wood shingles (common in our city) start to blister and peel, exposing the bonding material underneath. At this point, moisture becomes a real threat, and can affect other parts of the home. Evaluating the health of the roof is crucial during an inspection.

Consistent materials

We love our city for the variety of residential styles. While the areas near Third Street Promenade might be more contemporary, other parts of the city consist of older art deco or cottage-style homes. In the event that a house has been renovated or was maybe augmented with an extra bathroom, make sure all of the materials were consistent. Haphazardly fitting different types of products or pipes together will spell trouble. The Frankenstein of a home may suffer from its incongruent parts. But a good home inspector should be able to catch this.






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